Victorian Labor branch stackers play racism card to cover their tracks

Whinging and whining about racism and hurt feelings is the latest way to cover your tracks in politics, and the worst culprits are the hacks at the Victorian Labor Party.

As reported by The Australian, disgraced factional warlord Adem Somyurek and his so called protégé Rick Garotti used Black Lives Matter and woke identity politics to shield their questionable behaviour from potential whistle-blowers and scrutiny.

At a hearing of the Independent Broad-based Anti-Corruption Commission earlier this week, Garotti wept as he admitted to lobbying Victorian government ministers on behalf of the Somali Australian Council of Victoria, whose secretary Hussein Haraco was a key recruiter across the northern suburbs for the moderate-right faction.

The inquiry heard more than $100,000 was given to SACOV in state and local government grants to assist the Somali community, which Haraco allegedly used to pay himself a salary.

In response, Mr Garotti assured IBAC he had no idea the money wasn’t being used to help the Somali community.

However, when a journalist approached the Somali Australian Council of Victoria in 2020 about use of the grants, Somyurek asked Garotti to prepare a media response to relieve stress on the Somali community because “that’s where the recruiting is”.

Below is the transcript of their phone conversation, which was intercepted by the authorities and shown to the anti-corruption commission:

Adem Somyurek – “Go back to them: ‘Look this is with regret…regretful that you’re doing this to this community. The African community’s got a lot of problems and its regretful that you are…further stigmatising the African community.’”

Rick Garotti – “Well, I might mention the black lives thing.”

Adem Somyurek – “Yeah.”

Rick Garotti – “At a time now Black Lives Matter…our young people are struggling with their identity…Um, and engagement in the community, it’s so disappointing.”

Adem Somyurek – “Yeah do all of that…do all of that, right so…”

Rick Garotti – “Yeah, do all of that shit. Yeah.”

Adem Somyurek – “Youse tend not to want, ah, black people to be involved in politics. You know, you seem to, you know, just yeah. Just go racism on ‘em, right”

So, there you have it, Australia.

The numbers men in the Victorian Labor Party are organising government grants to Somalian community leaders who are allegedly using the money to pay themselves.

When questioned by the press, they collude to quash any scrutiny of such reprehensible behaviour by playing the racism card so they can continue stacking out branches and maximising their factional power.

This is the problem with neo-Marxist identity politics, and it's hardly a new phenomenon. People who are up to no good wear it like a suit of armour.

In fact, it's now the norm when it comes to woke corporates, dodgy politicians and the Chinese Communist Party.

As American biotech entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy so lucidly explains, the CCP is diligently playing its vital role as part of the “unholy” anti-Western alliance between Wall Street, Big Tech, the United Nations and China.

Here’s what Ramaswamy means by the “unholy alliance” and how it came to be:

  • After the Global Financial Crisis, Wall Street executives realised they needed to distract Americans from their extraordinary market power and dependence on taxpayer bailouts.
  • To do so, they adopted woke ideology, which conveniently argues the real problem with America isn’t economic injustice derived from corruption, banking monopolies and bailouts for the big end of town – it’s racial injustice, misogyny and bigotry.
  • Wall Street realised this was a once in a generation opportunity: they could appease media and government simply by applauding diversity and inclusion, putting a few women on boards and creating an affinity group for analysts of colour. For instance, Goldman Sachs said it wouldn’t take a company public if it didn’t follow their standards for board diversity.

The CCP came to a similar but different conclusion.

  • Xi Jinping recognised China could weaponise American capitalism and its “woke” corporations to undermine the United States and other western nations from within.
  • More specifically, the CCP restricts market access to any company which criticises their human rights record, and favours companies which criticise the west instead.
  • For example, when European leaders pressed Xi Jinping about locking over a million Uyghurs in concentration camps – the same poor people Apple used to make their iPhones – his first response was that the Black Lives Matter movement shows that the US is no better.
  • A few years ago, Disney said it couldn’t film in the state of Georgia if they passed a new anti-abortion law, even though it filmed its blockbuster “Mulan” in Xinjiang – the same province where the CCP’s Uyghur concentration camps are located.
  • Just as the NBA constantly laments about racial injustice in the United States, while it aggressively expands into the booming Chinese market to make more cash more quickly.
  • The CCP has even used the same tactic to absolve itself of responsibility for spreading COVID-19.
  • Ignoring how the Marbug virus was named after a German town, Ebola was named after an African river, and Zika named after an African forest, it decried anyone who called COVID-19 the “China virus” a racist bigot with the assistance of the western media and political elite.

Given Dictator Dan signed up to the Belt and Road Initiative, and the similar tactics of his numbers men, perhaps Somyurek and his cronies have been trading notes with Xi Jinping and the crew…