Warren Mundine is sick of bureaucrats ‘fearmongering’ and ‘telling us how to live’

As per usual, Warren Mundine is bang on the money.

Writing in an op-ed for the Daily Telegraph, Mundine had the guts to say what so many Australians are currently thinking:

“I’ve had enough of bureaucrats telling us all how to live. I’ve had enough of them shutting down livelihoods, putting us under house arrest, closing schools, keeping families apart and banning free travel across this country. We are one country, not eight.”

He asked the questions so many Australians want answered: 

“Do these bureaucrats think we’re fools?

“Where’s the science in closing gyms but not construction sites?

“Where’s the science in allowing thousands at a football match but not a few hundred at church?

“Where’s the science in saying a man can go to a brothel but can’t dance with his wife?

“Where’s the science in allowing drinking sitting down but not standing up? Is it because it may lead to dancing?

“Where’s the science in changing border restrictions while people are mid-air?

“Where’s the science in denying someone a last visit with their dying father? Are health bureaucrats worried a man with days to live might get sick?

“Where’s the science in forcing grieving Victorians to Zoom into funerals, but allowing Victoria’s CHO, Brett Sutton, to travel to Canberra for a conference?”

Mundine even spoke for the souls who haven’t yet had the opportunity to say their first word:

“Border closures have literally killed babies.

“Last year, a Ballina woman, denied entry to Queensland, lost one of her twins after waiting 16 hours for a care flight to Sydney.

“Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk declared: “People living in NSWs, they have NSW hospitals. In Queensland we have Queensland hospitals for our people”

“Four babies died because South Australia has no paediatric cardiac facilities and the usual emergency transfers to Melbourne were denied.

“It’s common sense that babies should be permitted to be transported interstate, even in a pandemic, rather than be left to die.

“And while state bureaucrats and politicians lock us up, shut down businesses, put people out of work and literally allow babies to die, many have pocketed huge pay rises. It’s disgusting.”

It sure is, Warren.

As you said yourself, “the Quiet Australians are sick and tired of it.”

“Sick of the politics between the states and the Commonwealth.

“Sick of the chopping and changing.

“Sick of the fearmongering.

“Sick of border closures, lockdowns and disruptions to our work, businesses, families, education, health and lives.

“And we’re sick of the self-righteousness.

“People will forgive mistakes. They won’t forgive continuing to make the same ones.”