What this election means for Mainstream Australians

Mainstream Australians are at the heart of what this election is all about.

The mums and dads who want the best for their kids, the seniors who deserve our respect and care, the young people facing the challenges and opportunities of our modern world, the small business owners and millions of workers who get up every day and get on with their jobs.

Ultimately, the choice comes down to Scott Morrison or Bill Shorten as Prime Minister.  And the key measure has to be: Who will create the circumstances where mainstream Australians can get ahead and who will protect our way of life?

The vast majority of mainstream Australians are not engaged with politics – but many volunteer in their communities and are ready to be involved, contribute and help others when needed. 

Most are pretty disappointed with the way governments of both political persuasions have conducted themselves over the past decade.  The Greens, minor parties, and Independents have not exactly covered themselves in glory either.

Mainstream Australians are fed up and frustrated with politics – if not totally disillusioned.

This frustration is often expressed with an exasperated “they’re all the same”.

But the reality is – the choice that mainstream Australians face at this election is actually more serious and stark than it has ever been.

The election of a Federal Labor Government led by Bill Shorten will be a green light for the radical left-wing agenda of Labor’s backroom factions – the militant Unions, Greens, and GetUp!

We’ve seen them in action in the streets of Melbourne this week. We’ve seen them invading our farms and businesses around the country.

We see them daily – protesting, demanding, agitating.

Ironically, they claim their freedom to enforce far-left views that threaten your values and freedoms.

These organisations, and their hundreds of smaller affiliates, are not separate from Labor – they are the tail that wags the Labor dog.  And the tail’s getting bigger every election.

They have an agenda that is so far removed from reality, that it’s unrecognisable to most mainstream Australians.

The rise of political correctness, the tribalism of identity politics, the intolerance of debate, the silencing of dissent and the trashing of our institutions will not only continue – they will all increase at break neck speed under a Shorten Labor Government.

There’s a lot that needs to improve under the current Government.  That’s true.  But there have been some encouraging signs since Scott Morrison became Prime Minister.

The thing to remember is: if Labor gets into power, Australians will have a truly staggering uphill battle to stop the radical left-wing forces. A lot of damage will be done.

They will cement the radical gender theory, the social division, the intolerance and the activism that is not in Australia’s national interest and is not part of our national character.

They will tax and spend. They will massively increase our nation’s level of debt.  They will throttle progress with a regressive energy policy that kills our industry and our jobs – all for no environmental benefit.

They will move swiftly to change our Australian way of life to fit the radical Greens/GetUp left-wing view of the world.

Of course, that means less freedom for mainstream Australians. It means more power for the elites, academics and activists who believe they know better.