Wuhan virus to end the oil industry

“Will the coronavirus kill the oil industry and help save the climate?”

So reads the hopeful headline running on the reliably irrelevant lefty blog that is Guardian Australia.

Now that Wuhan virus has given us a taste of what zero emissions by 2050 looks like in real time, the climate alarmists are doubling down.

It’s not just jet travel they want to stop…  They want anything and everything that is not powered by wind or solar to grind to a complete halt – our cars, the trucks that transport our food – everything.

It’s all got to be permanently parked if the left are to be satisfied. 

Even though nuclear power is affordable, clean, could “save the climate” tomorrow and power a global fleet of their beloved electric vehicles, it’s not an option to them.

So if wind and solar can’t do it, it simply can’t be done. 

And so the left are seizing the Chinese Communist Party-created Wuhan virus crisis as an opportunity to “save the planet”.

The pandemic has caused oil demand to plummet, forcing petrol prices to 20 year low.  

This is putting pressure on producers in Saudi Arabia, Russia and the US.

Which is why the left are hopeful that from now on carbon dioxide emissions from burning oil will be on an ever-downward trajectory to climate utopia.

Of course this would mean an economy with less jobs, higher prices for everything and more poverty at time when we’ll need the exact opposite to get back on our feet post pandemic.

In the real world, for economies to recover, production will need to ramp up and so will the consumption of oil.

But in the left’s parallel universe, economies don’t require the sort of energy needed to give everyone a job.

Maybe they’re anticipating the virus will kill off enough people for the world’s population to decrease to the extent that we’re capable of living off wind and solar energy – who knows?

But they are kidding themselves and giving the Greta Thunberg generation false hope if they think this can be our new normal.

The consequences of this would be worse than any Wuhan virus pandemic and are too frightening to contemplate.

But don’t expect the Guardian to explain this any time soon.