XR members paid AUD$745 per week

In a rare act of mainstream media investigative journalism, leaked XR documents have been uncovered which reveal living expenses of £400 per week are being paid to some London Extinction Rebellion protestors.

Someone with deep pockets is giving this global feral movement a massive leg up.

To date, records show a select group of the agitators have pocketed £200,000 – around AUD$373,000.

XR climate anarchists blocking streets and performing bizarre interpretive dances in London are being paid AUD$745 per week to harass everyday folk.

It is not known if any of the activists causing havoc here at home are being paid, but finding out would be an obvious assignment for the Australian media.

If only they weren’t so busy fawning over the anarchists’ “righteous cause”.

All we know presently is that Extinction Rebellion are most certainly costing us taxpayers a pretty penny. 

Victoria Police estimate that keeping law and order in the face of XR protestors cost them $3 million and 16,000 man-hours last week alone.

Precious money and resource that could have been spent on keeping women safe from domestic violence or stopping African gangs.

The XR crowd should be paying us for the cost of their civil disobedience for heaven’s sake – yet here they are getting paid by faceless global socialists to inconvenience thousands of us.

You’d think our media would give enough of a rip to look into what it might look like if our governments actually caved to XR’s demands to shut down all carbon dioxide and methane emissions by 2025.

The carnage…

Instead, journos like Peter Hartcher sound shrill UN-inspired warnings about what he calls “the central issue of our time”.

“One day the Australian electorate might be sufficiently moved by the planetary crisis unfolding around us that we're ready to pull our heads out of the sand in sufficient numbers to bring Australian politics into line with reality”, he wrote hopefully this week.

Mate, why do you think Labor and the Greens have failed at the ballot box ever since the Coalition decided to take a comparatively sensible stance on climate and energy?

Don’t you worry, Pete – we, the “sufficient numbers”, haven’t got our heads in the sand – mainstream Australians are indeed “bring[ing] Australian politics into line with reality”.