You helped make this a miracle election

The recent federal election has been hailed as a ‘miracle’, and for good reason.

The stakes couldn’t have been higher. We were on the brink of seeing a nationwide green-light for the radical left-wing agenda of Labor’s backroom factions – the militant Unions, Greens, and GetUp!

The media, the polls – all signs pointed to a radical left-wing win. 

But thanks to your support, we held the line together against the unions and radical left-wing activist organisations seeking to desecrate our mainstream values and freedoms.

Flying in the face of their deep pockets and union-funded armies, your investment enabled Advance Australia to use every medium we could get our hands on – digital, film and field – to get the word out to voters about what Labor’s policies really meant. 

It was your powerful multi-tiered support that helped contain the influence of the radical left-wing activist organisations and defend our mainstream Australian values.

You’ve helped curb the rise of political correctness, the tribalism of identity politics, the intolerance of debate, the silencing of dissent and the trashing of our institutions… For now.

And with your ongoing support, we’ll continue to hold the line together.

You can visit to view Gerard Benedet’s personal message of thanks for your support.