Aussies to Canberra: Forget political grandstanding, fix cost of living

Forget the divisive Voice, Australians want one thing from their politicians right now: fix the cost of living crisis.

Every day, the news just gets worse if you’re an Aussie family, especially if you’re on an average take-home pay.

Yesterday we learnt grocery bills are now the highest on record, with the average household forking out an extra $1924 a year thanks to inflation.

Some Australian families are facing DOUBLE their mortgage payments as they roll off fixed rate loans.

Another 800,000 home owners will face the same nightmare this year, as their fixed rates expire.

Meanwhile, the cost of living crisis is setting your family wealth on fire. House prices have dropped by 9.1 per cent across the capital cities since February last year. Some of the banks are predicting another 8 per cent drop in 2023.

How many Aussies will that put into negative equity, meaning they would still be left with a debt even after the house is sold off?

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese talked a big game on cost of living before the election.

“I'll say this very clearly. [Australians] will be better off under a Labor government…” he said, over and over.

This has been proved a lie.

And now, instead of spending every waking minute dealing with the cost of living crisis, all we hear about is his divisive plan to enshrine a Voice in your Constitution.

And who asked Treasurer Jim Chalmers to “rethink capitalism”?

We don’t want him thinking of ways to invent a new “inclusive and resilient economy, increasingly powered by cleaner and cheaper energy”.

We want him to do his job.

As respected former productivity commissioner Gary Banks said last week, “We have entered a new phase in our democracy in which electorates can no longer trust what a political party says it will do or not do in office.”

Australians have serious problems.

Time for our politicians in Canberra to get off their soapboxes and fix them.