Proud to Celebrate Australia Day

An exclusive nationwide poll has found that 78% of Australians are proud to celebrate Australia Day and 71% don’t want the date changed from January 26.

In a clear rebuke to the politicians and left-wing activists who are attending protests and advocating changing the date, the majority of Australians in every age group - including under 35s - want to keep celebrating our National Day on January 26.

When asked the question: Do you believe we should change the date of Australia Day from 26 January to some other date? 55% of those under 35, 74% of those aged 35-54 and 82% of those aged 55+ said “no” - a total of 71%.

“People are sick of the political correctness surrounding Australia Day. They see Australia Day as a day of national unity, a coming together as a nation and we should respect the date of January 26,” Advance Australia National Director Gerard Benedet told the Today show this morning. 

“It’s overwhelmingly the day we celebrate the birth of modern Australia and all the traditions and institutions we cherish – whether it’s migrants or those born here.”

Importantly, more than 67% knew that the date signified the arrival of the first fleet in Sydney Cove, and 66% said that for them it represented “a celebration of our coming together as a nation”, as opposed to a public holiday (15%) or a day for protests and division (3%).

The poll of 1659 voters was commissioned by Advance Australia and independently conducted by Mediareach across all States and Territories on Monday the 14th of January.

The research also found that 77% of Australians believed that Australia was becoming too politically correct – and this was a consistent belief across all age groups.

“Changing the date of Australia Day is yet another example of the political correctness that Australians reject.  We do not want to see our nation go down this path. That’s why Advance Australia is standing up to political correctness and ensuring the institutions and traditions that have built our country and served us well are not further eroded,” Gerard Benedet explained.

“Our ‘Save Australia Day’ campaign keeps gathering momentum, with thousands signing our online petition and billboards going up across the nation. Now, this latest research confirms again that mainstream Australians strongly support keeping January 26 as our national day.”

“But we can’t take this for granted. Powerful activist group GetUp is pushing hard and Greens politicians are encouraging protest rallies.  A number of Labor Members of Parliament also want to change the date. They will not be content until Australia Day as we know it no longer exists.”

Gerard Benedet said the research also found that Australians are deeply sceptical of the political process, with 84% believing that politicians and activists were more interested in political point scoring than delivering for the nation.

At Advance Australia we’re working to Save Australia Day. Please join us by signing our petition

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