It’s that time of the year again when left wing activists try to tell mainstream Australians that we ought to be ashamed of our history and culture…

Rightly, Australia Day is our national day. It’s an important day for so many of us.

We have so much to celebrate and January 26, marks the arrival of the First Fleet – it’s a day for all of us.

It is a time to celebrate our history and show our pride in the nation we have become.

We are a free, wealthy, fair, democratic and beautiful land.

This is our day and the activists should leave it alone.

It is time to fight back.

You can help make sure the campaign to ‘change the date’ does not build steam.

Sign the petition today to show your support for Australia Day, our values, achievements and history.

"Save Australia Day" Poll Results

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January 26 is a proud day for Australians.

It celebrates the arrival of the First Fleet and all that we have achieved since.

Australia Day is a day to relax with friends and family and celebrate the greatest country on Earth.

The activists who want to ‘change the date’ are trying to undermine our culture and our history.

Australians should be proud of our country and who we have become.

I support 26 January, the birthday of modern Australia.

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