Over the last few months we’ve seen left-wing local governments remove mention of Australia Day from their advertisements, replace celebration with a “mourning ceremony”, and swap our national day for Indigenous festival ‘Yabun’.

January 26 is under attack by left-wing activists who are insisting Australians feel too ashamed to celebrate.

The eternally-offended proponents of identity politics are stopping at nothing to divide us – even using the very day meant to bring all Australians together in solidarity and celebration.

But you can help ensure their campaign to erase our history does not build steam.

Show the left-wing activists that you will not be made to feel ashamed of the most blessed nation on the planet: our free, wealthy, fair, democratic and beautiful democracy.

Sign the petition today so future generations can celebrate the birth of modern Australia on January 26.

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Matthew Sheahan
Advance Australia

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January 26 is a proud day for Australians.

It celebrates the arrival of the First Fleet and all that we have achieved since.

Australia Day is a day to celebrate the greatest country on Earth.

Left-wing activists trying to ‘change the date’ are trying to divide us and re-write our history.  Australians have had enough of their cultural bullying.

We are proud of our country and all that’s been achieved in the last 200 years.

I support celebrating January 26 as the birthday of modern Australia.

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