Sign this open letter to stop the Left cancelling Australia Day

Labor and their mates in the Greens are on the march.

They want to cancel Australia Day.

They want your kids to think this country is racist and ‘oppressive’.

They want to enshrine race and identity politics into our Constitution via Albo’s woke Indigenous ‘Voice’.

… so they want to ban any celebration of our history, culture and values.

We cannot let them get their way in cancelling Australia Day.

It’s as un-Australian as it gets.

This is why your help is needed today.

Only by showing that Australians like you have the upper-hand power in numbers can we win.

Sign this open letter now to protect Australia Day from the vandals.

You’ll be telling the politicians that they can’t mess with Australia Day without serious consequences at the ballot box.

You’ll be telling them that they’re listening to a tiny minority of woke activists over the majority of patriotic Australians like you.

… and you’ll be telling them that Australians have EVERY RIGHT to be PROUD of our country and everything it stands for.

Dear Albo,

I am a proud Aussie and I support Australia Day.

I DO NOT want politicians messing with our culture and Constitution via an Indigenous ‘Voice’.

I DO NOT want politicians trashing the legacy of the great men and women of ALL races who built this country into what it is today with their hard work and great sacrifice.

Most of all, I DO NOT want politicians taking away MY RIGHT to celebrate Australia over a barbeque with my friends and family on January 26.

Australia Day is not ‘Invasion Day’.

Australia Day is not a ‘day of mourning’.

Australia Day is a day to be proud of this country and all we have achieved together.

So don’t dare touch our Australia Day.

Or you’ll suffer the consequences at the ballot box.

Goal: 20,000 SIGNATURES

Will you sign?