Australian cricket team buckles in solidarity with Black Lives Matter

Cricket Australia has done it again.

After hundreds of thousands of Australians rejected Cricket Australia’s decision to let its players take a knee in solidarity with Black Lives Matter before matches, once again our cricketers bowed to Marxism on the first day of The Ashes at the Gabba.

Early before the crowds started to arrive, the players stood in a “barefoot circle”.

In fact, as reported by ADVANCE spokeswoman Jacinta Price, Cricket Australia even had the young choir girls who sang the national anthem take a knee as well.

Shame on you Cricket Australia!

As Jacinta Price said herself, “Black Lives Matter has nothing to do with traditional Aboriginal culture, it does nothing to recognise the plight of Indigenous Australians. These acts of symbolism are designed for elites. They’re designed to keep corporate sponsors happy. They’re designed to tick a box. It has nothing to do with improving the lives of Indigenous Australians.”

Millions of Australians are on your side Jacinta and we’re not going to give in here at ADVANCE.

We will continue calling out the activists that sit on the Cricket Australia board until they answer the following simple questions on behalf of our 150,000+ supporters:


  • Does Cricket Australia have remorse for the thousands of innocent people who lost their lives and had their properties looted in so-called “solidarity” with oppressed African Americans during the Black Lives Matter riots of 2020?


  • Is Cricket Australia a supporter of BLM’s official policy of “defunding the police” because they “don’t keep us safe” and come “at the expense of housing, health, and education investments” as BLM says?


  • Can Cricket Australia condemn self-described “trained Marxist” and BLM founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors for going on a real estate buying binge through some of the ritziest areas of the United States while violent BLM riots raged in some of the harshest and most impoverished parts?


  • Does Cricket Australia think gender and families should exist? Afterall, two of three Black Lives Matter founders identify as “queer” and BLM’s website disparagingly described families as playing into the “Western-prescribed nuclear family structure”.


  • Is Cricket Australia in any way concerned that its promotion of Black Lives Matter is dividing people against each other based on racial lines – especially considering 55 per cent of UK adults believe the BLM protests that took place in 2020 increased racial tensions?


  • What does Cricket Australia think taking a knee will do to stop Indigenous women experiencing sexual assault at six times the rate of non-indigenous women; being 45 times more likely to experience domestic violence than a white woman; and facing unemployment rates three times higher than non-Indigenous Australians?


  • Can Cricket Australia provide ADVANCE with any other important social causes they are championing at the moment whether it’s youth homelessness, veteran suicide, mortgage stress, family breakdowns, mental health issues, underemployment, drug addiction or political disillusionment, just to name a few?


  • Or is the mob running Cricket Australia only interested in Black Lives Matter and dividing Australians against each other?

We want answers now!