Bandt on the run: Greens leader under pressure over Albo deal

Greens leader Adam Bandt has promised he will not form a “Liberal/National-style coalition with Labor” after the party suffered its sharpest Newspoll drop in almost a decade, falling to 8 per cent primary vote.

Mr Bandt’s move to distance himself from Labor came after he pledged only last week to work with Anthony Albanese following the election, accusing the opposition of siding with the Coalition on tax cuts and driving up emissions.

“Let’s knock one final thing on the head. The Greens want to change the government, but not to be in a Liberal/National-style coalition with Labor,” Mr Bandt wrote in The Australian.

“Being forced to vote with Labor for more coal and gas mines, or give tax cuts to billionaires, doesn’t interest us in the least. We’ll maintain our independence as we push the next government to act on the climate and inequality crises.”

You really think anyone is buying this, Adam?

Last week you said the Greens would work with Labor on “improving, not blocking” when it came to pushing the next government “further and faster” on climate.

Four months ago, you announced the Greens will begin publicly referring to its parliamentary members as “shadow ministers”. The Sydney Morning Herald reported this was “a move to sharpen the focus on what Bandt will demand of Labor in any power-sharing agreement after the next election”.

In 2010, you sat at the table with Julia Gillard when you suddenly realised you could control the entire country by moving past your differences with Labor to strike a formal parliamentary Greens-Labor alliance.

Why should we believe you that history won’t repeat itself like it usually does, Adam?

Knowing the way your speeches, press releases and policy proposals are so carefully crafted, this is what ADVANCE suspects you’re planning.

Although you refuse to “vote with Labor for more coal and gas mines or to give tax cuts to billionaires”, there will still be some form of transactional alliance if the opportunity presents itself.

If Labor ends up in the position where it could only form majority government with the Greens and a few climate independents, you will demand Labor does not open more “coal and gas mines” in exchange for your votes on the policies of each-way Albo and his motley crew of Penny Wong, Kristina Kenneally and Chris Bowen.

So Adam Bandt won't do a deal with Labor? Remember the last time Labor were in power ... Here’s a photo of Julia Gillard and Adam Bandt signing the deal.

While it’s unclear how the Labor heavyweights will respond to such an offer, judging by history a deal will eventuate.

The result?

Australia’s mining and manufacturing sectors will see the darkest days they have ever faced. Our sovereignty and ability to produce critical goods amidst supply chain crises will be even further undermined. Even worse, regional and rural Australia will continue to be held hostage by inner-city green elites like Bandt and Zali Steggall.

What could possibly go wrong…?