Don’t change the rulebook for the country.

Tomorrow the Federal Liberal party room will be meeting to decide on their position on the divisive Voice.

Shadow Attorney-General Julian Leeser says they may not have a final position but it looks like it’s the big meeting to really hash it out.

Not that there should be much to hash out.

The basics are very clear: changing the constitution is a big deal. 

Such a big deal it’s only happened eight times in the history of Federation - and there’s been 44 changes put to the Australian people over that time.

The constitution is our nation’s rulebook. It is a good thing that it’s hard to change and that Australians often say ‘no’ when asked to do it.

Because we live in the greatest country in the world.

And it’s great because our democracy and system of government works.

Of course, at ADVANCE, we’re not shy about telling politicians where they’re getting it wrong.

But when it comes to our actual national rulebook: it’s a good one. It works. It’s proven over and over again that it works.

So no matter how big and important the problem you’re trying to solve is, you need to be really sure changing our national rulebook is the right thing to do.

And in the case of the divisive Voice, it’s clear it is not.

Every Australian knows there’s a big gap in outcomes between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. Everyone wants to see our Indigenous brothers and sisters get a bit of help to close the gap.

But changing the constitution isn’t the answer.

And Liberal MPs shouldn’t let their good intentions cover up how radical and divisive this change to the constitution really is.

The only sensible option is to oppose the divisive Voice.

Because the fact is: good intentions aren’t enough to change our national rulebook.

We are a country that’s one and free.

And we shouldn’t mess with it.