Elitist wants ‘masks indoors for everyone two years and older’

COVID mania is back and it’s here to ruin Christmas.

Just ask the Grinch – the former member for Wentworth, doctor and LGBTQ activist Kerryn Phelps. 

Writing on her social media page, Kerryn wants “masks indoors for everyone two years and older” given the new outbreak of the mild Omicron variant.

Do you love your children? Do you care about your parents? How about your friends?

Political decisions by the New South Wales government to abandon quarantine for incoming international travellers, abandon density limits on events, and even drop the no-brainer requirement of masks just reeks of indifference to the suffering it will cause.

There has been an attempt to distract attention away from case numbers and focus only on hospitalisations and deaths.

A policy of deliberately expecting to infect children and other vulnerable people, and in fact everyone, is counter to any known or accepted public health practice. This is not freedom. This is denial. There must be a multi-faceted approach that includes vaccination (including third doses of current vaccines and development of new vaccines), masks, ventilation, PCR and rapid antigen testing, ramping up tracing, isolation and quarantine. No single precaution will work. 

It will be up to each individual and each family and friendship group to inform themselves and decide how they will manage this season of Christmas parties, gatherings, church attendance, entertainment, family dinners and New Year’s Eve celebrations. Please make the choice to be safe.

No thanks, Kerryn! Leave us alone and get out of our lives. 

This Christmas ADVANCE and our 160,000+ supporters will be hugging each other. We will be dancing. We will be giving each other gifts without fear of a virus. We will be doing what families have done since the dawn of time: living. 

Although Kerryn and her medico bureaucrat mates will be squirming at the thought no doubt, but believe it or not, many experts agree our approach is far better for public health than Kerryn’s demand we hide under the covers. 

According to Dr Robert Malone – the original inventor of the MRNA vaccine (the vaccine platform used by Pfizer and Moderna jabs) – “Omicron blows right through the vaccines and the triple jabbed. Omicron is very, very infectious and data is already in that both the double and triple vaccination is not protecting you from Omicron”. 

“Here’s the good news: this is more fear mongering on the part of the press. The number of deaths from Omicron worldwide is less than 10 according to the latest account. If you believe in a God, this looks a lot like a Christmas present. 

“Omicron apparently – according to recent data from Hong Kong University – has shifted the targeting of where the virus affects. The Delta and the prior variants were infecting your deep lung – which we know from influenza is a great way to cause severe disease in humans. With Omicron it has shifted to the upper airway – the bronchus – and we know from influenza when viruses do that, they’re much less pathogenic and much more infectious. 

“So, the good news with Omicron is very low disease, highly infectious. It looks an awful lot to the experienced vaccinologists like a live attenuated virus vaccine that you might design for purpose. It’s going to elicit a strong mucosal immune response. It’s about as good as you could possibly want in terms of health outcomes.”

Analysis from Jefferies Equity Research agreed

Jefferies found that the Omicron death ratio is up to 10 times lower for the under-80s. “Additionally, deaths due to Omicron are also lower across all age groups. Compared with the Delta wave, we see a 10x reduction for pts w/ age of 0-4, a 2-10x reduction for age 5-9 and 75-79, and a 5x reduction for age >80.”

So, to all those reading this article, turn off the news and relax. After the year we’ve all had we deserve a rest. The last thing we need is panic merchants like Kerryn Phelps getting what they want: being the Grinch who ruins Christmas…