Health bureaucrats fudge COVID hospitalisation figures

Australia’s state health bureaucrats and their buddies in the mainstream media are an absolute disgrace.

After two years of rolling lockdowns, unscientific mask mandates and constitutionally questionable restrictions on our freedom of movement, Australia’s elites tried to stop families coming together over Christmas in the name of “public health”, citing increases in Omicron cases.

With bated breath they reported that the nation’s hospital system is collapsing.

Headlines declared that hospitalisation numbers are increasing at a rate warranting the reintroduction of lockdowns. As usual their pronouncements couldn’t be further from the truth. 

According to the facts, it’s business as usual for the hospital system:

  • NSW has 2.9 million hospital admissions each year along with 3 million emergency department presentations. Yet according to the media, 1200 COVID hospitalisations are breaking the system. That’s 0.04 per cent of annual admissions. 
  • NSW has a total of 430 hospitals, so we are talking about 3 COVID patients per hospital on average. 
  • There are 95 COVID patients in ICU while the state facilities have a surge capacity for 2000. 
  • In August 2017, NSW had 8000 people in hospital with a bad flu and it didn’t break the hospital system. So why would 1200?

What’s even more concerning is that it's unclear whether we can even trust the hospitalisation figures outlined above. 

As reported, “up to half” of NSW COVID hospital patients went in for something totally unrelated to a COVID diagnosis such as broken bones, labour pains or even mental health issues.

They were merely positive in routine testing, meaning they were possibly asymptomatic. Note: Queensland Health has a similar reporting process in place and the Victorian Department of Health has refused to respond to requests for comment. 

What was NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet’s response to these recent figures? Unfortunately, he decided to blindly listen to Chief Health Officer Kerry Chant and her unelected health bureaucrats. For instance, on December the 15th, Perrottet announced the NSW “Freedom Day”, only to reintroduce new vaccine mandates, QR codes and masks only days later… just in time for Christmas. 

Why not listen to the facts, and not the unelected "expert" bureaucrats in your health department, Dom?

As Queensland’s Chief Health Officer said on Christmas Eve, “not only is the spread of this virus inevitable, it is necessary. In order for us to go from a pandemic phase to an endemic phase, the virus has to be widespread.

“We all have to have immunity. We can expect very large numbers of cases and in the majority of cases, the vast majority of cases, the symptoms will be mild.” 

That’s something Australia should be welcoming with open arms…