Labor/Greens erase Australia Day

Last week our Australia Day was under attack like never before.

  1. 30,000 activists marched through Melbourne's CBD, calling for Australia Day to be scrapped as one incensed anti-Australia Day radical screamed, “F… Australia, F… Australia, F… Australia” on the steps of parliament.
  2. The City of Wanneroo removed the words “Australia Day” from its January 26 Multicultural Festival before being told by Liberal Federal Attorney-General Christian Porter that theirs was an “act of politically correct stupidity” and that “any attempt to try and stealthily erase it [Australia Day] from our public consciousness should be strongly opposed.”
  3. West Shire Council scrapped Australia Day for a “more respectful” indigenous festival called Yabun, egged on by Labor Leader of the Opposition Anthony Albanese who, instead of telling the local Labor Mayor Darcy Byrne to pull his head in, joined in the virtue-signalling fest by calling for a referendum to decide the matter.

Albanese wants to waste millions of our taxpayer dollars on a referendum we don’t want in order to ‘find out’ what he already knows:  mainstream Australians don’t want to change Australia Day.

That’s some bloody expensive virtue-signalling, mate.

"All of us - Labor, Greens and progressive independents - should have been able to work together collaboratively to come to the resolution many in our community have wanted us to agree on some time ago," West Shire Councillor Pauline Lockie posted on Facebook, regretful it hadn’t been done sooner.

She can’t be serious…

The council took a poll of 37 people – "19 per cent" of whom identified as Aboriginal – “with most opposed to holding a celebratory Australia Day event.”

Thirty-seven people…  In a shire with a population of just under 200,000.

You can’t make this stuff up.

“momentum for changing the date is unstoppable,” said Greens Senator Richard Di Natalie, sporting a “change the date” t-shirt. 

Unstoppable, eh?  Challenge accepted, Di Natale.

January 26 is our national day – a day to relax with friends and family and celebrate the greatest country on Earth. 

Australians should be proud of our country and who we have become: a free, wealthy, fair, democratic and beautiful land.

You can help counter the campaign to ‘change the date’ or ‘scrap the day’.

Sign the petition today to show your support for Australia Day, our values, achievements and history.