New ADVANCE website puts your voice front and centre

ADVANCE has a bold new look to put your voice front and centre.

We’ve achieved a lot over the past three years, which is thanks to you – our supporters.

And the number of mainstream Australians supporting our campaigns is growing – over 151,000 the last time we checked. More are coming on board every single day.

This is because more and more of us are worried about what woke politicians and inner-city elites are doing to our country.

You want to do something about the far-left’s control, so our nation’s centred once more on the founding freedoms of its mainstream values.

Which is why ADVANCE is committed to putting everyday Aussies upfront, so that your voice is heard.

A million people have viewed our ADVANCE website in the last year, to see our campaigns, check out our work and join in the fight for a fair go.

We’ve been able to reach 24.1 million people on social media, and have published over 600 news articles.

That means your voice is being heard by millions of Aussies every week.

In recognition of our ongoing growth, it’s time for a bold new look that reflects who ADVANCE is today and into the future.