Progressives push to give Voice say on coal, gas, climate

Think your power bill is through the roof now? Just wait until the divisive Voice has its say on coal and gas projects – and pushes for ‘Net Zero’.

Just wait until development in this country is held up while executive government negotiates with a group of activists who have all the power of the Constitution 

And there’s nothing in the wording of the massive Constitutional change proposed by Labor and backed by the Greens that would stop it.

Here are the exact words Labor wants to stick into your Constitution:

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice may make representations to the Parliament and the Executive Government of the Commonwealth on matters relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

According to Greens resources spokeswoman Dorinda Cox that means “climate policy”. That means the Voice should get a say of coal and gas projects.

“Let me be very clear, as someone who has visited, on country, with traditional owners in the Tiwi, on Murujuga, in the Pilliga Forest, I can say without doubt coal and gas projects are affecting First Nations people,” she said.

“These projects ­affect their ability to hold ceremony on country, they destroy sacred sites, contaminate the ­waters and land, interrupt First Nations access to traditional food sources, and sever spiritual connections and intangible cultural heritage that has existed for over 65,000 years.”

According to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, the Voice will only have a say on “that directly affect Aboriginal and Torres Strait ­Islander people”.

Nice shine on the ball there, Albo!

The actual words he wants in the Constitution – see above – are “matters relating”, not “directly affect”.

There’s a big difference. Not that it matters, because it’ll all end up in the High Court, anyway.

“The Voice is not about defence policy. It’s not about foreign affairs policy. It’s not about these issues. The voice is about issues that directly affect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people,” the Prime Minister said.

That’s not what Labor’s Environment Action Network said in its submission to the Voice “Co-Design Process”.

In a joint submission alongside Unions NT and the NT Council of Social Services (among others), NT Labor said:

...we believe that a constitutionally-enshrined First Nations Voice to Parliament, as called for in the Uluru Statement from the Heart, is essential for achieving climate justice in Australia.

And there it is.

Albo wants you to believe that this is a “modest” change to the Constitution, but nothing could be further from the truth.

The Voice will be used by climate activists as another weapon in an arsenal aimed directly at Australian prosperity.

The divisive Voice will be a millstone around the neck of every Australian, especially Indigenous people whose jobs and businesses rely on the resources industry.

The pro-Voice activists want to stop coal and gas, they want to run the economy on renewables that only work part of the time.

And they want you to pay the price.