Sydney Uni program teaching students about sex, vibrators, the ‘pursuit of pleasure’ and ‘radical consent’

Over the long weekend, a young Arts student at Sydney University forwarded Advance an email he received from the University of Sydney Women’s Collective.

The email titled “RADICAL SEX AND CONSENT WEEK: THIS WEEK: 2021 Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Undergraduate Student Partnership Program” gives a terrifying insight into the way many of Australia’s most educated youth view the world and the country that’s given them so much.

“Hi! The University of Sydney Women's Collective has organised a very important week of events this week around radical sex and consent.

“We’re taking sex education back into our own hands. We believe that radical education is that which we learn together, and teach each other in pursuit of liberation (and pleasure). Celebrate body and sexual autonomy and expression, and combat sexual violence on campus with the Sydney Uni Women’s Collective during Radical Sex and Consent Week!

“Get ready to radically re-think and re-learn sex education! 🍑😛💦🍌"

“Radical Sex and Consent Week is everything your high school sex education should have been and more! Join us to discuss sex, gender, relationships, bodies, and consent alongside an array of exciting guests.

“Have you ever asked...

“What is a red flag in a relationship?

“How do I use a vibrator for the first time?

“When should I get an STI test?

“What do I do when my friend discloses an incident to me?

“Answer these questions and more with the many online events, podcasts, videos, and other content featured during Radical Sex and Consent Week in WEEK 8.

“This week of online events is held on stolen First Nations land. No matter where on this settler colony we call in from, it is stolen land. Sovereignty was never ceded. This land always was, and always will be Aboriginal land…Our privilege to learn on this land is enabled by the dispossession of First Nations peoples from their Country.

“We cannot discuss feminism without recognising the gendered and racialized violence that Blak women face across all of so-called ‘australia’. We cannot discuss reproductive justice without recognising the way colonisation controls First Nations peoples’ bodies - especially Blak women - and continues to tear Blak children from families in the ongoing Stolen Generations and by locking up Blak mothers…There is no feminist liberation without First Nations liberation.”

Disclaimer: The Sydney University Women’s Collective intentionally spelt “black” as “Blak” and “Australia” as “australia”. The sexually suggestive emojis were also put there intentionally.

Although Advance unreservedly apologises for sending this tripe to our 150,000+ valued supporters, there are several key takeaways worthy of consideration.

  1. It shouldn’t surprise anyone this rubbish is going on in our universities and many of our schools. Afterall, only four months ago, “modern Liberal” Dave Sharma signed a “consent” petition calling for a “more comprehensive and holistic consent education” including learning about “toxic masculinity” and “queer sex” at school. As the Sydney Uni Women’s Collective said themselves, “we believe that radical education is that…[we] teach each other in pursuit of liberation (and pleasure)…everything your high school sex education should have been and more!”

  2. Thousands of young Australians have been taught to hate Australia, its history and all that it stands for. According to the Sydney Uni Women’s Collective, their “privilege to learn on this land is enabled by the dispossession of First Nations peoples from their country”. They refuse to capitalise “australia” while capitalising “Blak” and “First Nations”. Even worse, it appears they haven’t a clue about the actual plight of Aboriginal women. As Cheron Long from Timber Creek in the NT wrote following the death of her cousin at the hand of a violent sexual assault, the shocking level of violence Aboriginal women face is “fuelled by alcohol a lot,” with “women getting bashed by their partner…constantly.” Indigenous women are forced to live with an “Aboriginal rape culture” where “sexual abuse is accepted as normal in too many Aboriginal communities.” She even had the fortitude to take aim at activists like those at the Sydney Uni Women’s Collective who’ve done nothing about how “there are so many young girls out in the bush who have no voice and are too afraid to talk up, to tell the world what is happening to them.” 

  3. Countless numbers of students have been indoctrinated into radical neo-Marxist identity politics at school and university. The idea that “there is no feminist liberal without First Nations liberation” is derived from the concept of “kyriarchy” – a feminist theory that “extends the idea of patriarchy beyond gender” by encompassing “sexism, racism, ableism, ageism, antisemitism, homophobia, transphobia, classism, xenophobia, adultism, adultcentrism, economic injustice, prison-industrial complex, ephebiphobia, gerontophobia, colonialism, militarism, ethnocentrism, anthropocentrism, speciesism and other forms of dominating hierarchies in which the subordination of one person or group to another is internalized and institutionalized.” 

As renowned feminist and wife of President Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt said so many years ago, their ultimate agenda is to “pit race against race, religion against religion, prejudice against prejudice”. 

“Divide and conquer!”