The ABC’s Stan Grant says ‘the Chinese Communist Party mirrors whiteness’

The ABC MUST be defunded…and the number one reason why is their International Affairs Analyst Stan Grant.

Get this!

Last weekend, Grant had his article titled “to understand China you need to understand whiteness, yet it’s missing from the conversation” published by the ABC.

It could be one of the most insane things ADVANCE has ever read.

Stan wrote, “it is not possible to understand China without understanding race and racism. Specifically, without understanding whiteness”.

“In some ways, Xi's China may represent the end of whiteness. Except that the Chinese Communist Party itself mirrors whiteness,” he went on to say.

“If whiteness is power, Xi Jinping is its champion.

“The continuation of white power, in darker skin.”

Really Stan?

You reckon the Chinese Communist Party “mirrors whiteness”, mate?

Stan, the Chinese Communist Party runs a one-party authoritarian regime.

They have an utter disregard for human rights.

They refuse to accept asylum seekers.

They lock up their own people for questioning government edicts.

They don’t respect women’s rights let alone the rights of parents given their “one child policy”.

They trash the environment.

…and they bully and intimidate their smaller neighbours.

Stan, can you name one white country that “mirrors” this sort of regime?

Next is Grant’s nutty assertion that nationalism is a white thing.

As he puts it “whiteness is power”.

But again, he’s just plain wrong.

Stan, are you telling us that white countries are the only countries that are nationalistic and that white countries are the only ones that use race to increase their power and legitimacy?

Wasn’t Japan an ethnic nationalist state under the rule of Emperor Hirohito.

How about Mahatma Gandhi and Narendra Modi of India? Are they not nationalists, Stan?

Then there’s Mulmar Gaddafi of Libya.

There’s Emilio Aguinaldo and Claro M. Recto of the Philippines.

We can’t forget Yasser Arafat of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation or Mohammad Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia.

There have been nationalist movements in Iran, Armenia, Cambodia, Vietnam and Indonesia!

The list goes on…

All these countries have gone through periods of ethnic nationalism, and none of them are white, Stan!

What is your response, mate?

We want answers.

Why make everything about race, mate?

We’re all Australians.

Australians – of all races and backgrounds – can succeed in this country.

It’s time elites like you “checked your privilege” and realised that lecturing people on race is doing nothing to improve this nation.

All it does is divide.

…and that is the last thing we want with the CCP knocking on our door.

Get a grip, mate!