Victorian politicians treat themselves to pay rise while businesses go broke

It’s tax time, and like every year, the ATO is on our back chasing the money they say we owe them.

The worst part?

They way the government is spending it.

The numbers are shocking.

While small businesses go under after years of lockdowns, inflation, supply chains instabilities and labour shortages, Victorian pollies have decided to treat themselves to a 2.75 per cent pay rise.

Premier Dictator Dan Andrews – who has seen many of his most senior MPs conveniently “retire” months before the upcoming state election – will take home $464,918 this year including up to $58,435 in expenses and allowances, making him the highest paid state leader in the country.

His new Deputy Leader Jacinta Allan will take home a cosy $400,000.

New speaker of the lower house Maree Edwards and president of upper house Nazih Elasmar will get an extra $150,000.

Ministers will now earn more than $370,000 including allowances, while cabinet secretaries will earn an extra $80,000 on top of their base MP salaries.

Overall, each of the 128 Victorians MP will receive annual incomes of more than $192,000 – up 5000 from 2020.

This comes after state politicians received pay rises in June 2021 when many small businesses were forced to shut

The situation is even worse in New South Wales.

According to figures from Matt Kean’s new budget, there were 347 new senior executives hired in NSW last year at an average salary of $256,000.

At Transport NSW, there are 565 staff earning more than $250,000 a year, 99 taking home $355,000 a year and 17 on $500,000 a year.

At the Department of Education, there are 302 head office staff on $230,000 a year, 43 staff on more than $300,000 a year and eight Deputy Secretaries on $423,000 a year.

At the Department of Planning, Industry and the Environment, there are 361 executive staff on a salary between $220,000 to $605,000.

In the same pay bracket are 206 staff at the Department of Customer Service, 170 in the Treasury, another 483 in “Stronger Communities”, 166 in Regional NSW, 315 in the Department of Premier and Cabinet and 314 in the Department of Health.

All in all, there are more than 3600 public servants on executive salaries in New South Wales, and the small businesses of Australia wonder why taxes keep eating into their profit margins.

So, there you have it, Australia.

Every day you slave away at work, only for half your income to be taken by a mob of bureaucrats and career politicians who pay themselves better than most corporate executives in the private sector.

For doing what exactly?

Locking us down, taking on debt, taxing us, selling our critical infrastructure to the Chinese Communist Party and shoving progressive political causes down our throat…

It’s time the Australian people tell ‘em they’re dreaming…