Australia has its COLDEST start to winter in decades

Even the climate hysterics at The Guardian have admitted it.

Eastern Australia has had its “COLDEST start to winter in decades” after it had its “warmest summer in 2019” … and the evidence is compelling.

  • Dubbo has had the coldest start to winter since 1921 with temperatures staying below 14.5 degrees.
  • Melbourne has had the coldest start to winter since 1949 with temperatures staying below 15 degrees.
  • Bourke has had the coldest start to winter since 1949 with temperatures staying below 18.6 degrees.
  • Canberra has had the coldest start to winter since 1964, with temperatures staying below 13 degrees.
  • Hobart has had the coldest start to winter since 1982, with temperatures staying below 13.8 degrees.

Meanwhile the alps have seen the deepest snow dumps since 1968.

The short point?

The prophets of “global warming” have been proven wrong ONCE AGAIN…and NOBODY should be surprised…given the climate has ALWAYS changed…MILLIONS of years before humans ever set foot on Planet Earth!

Just open a history book and you’ll see what we mean…

  • During the Winter of 200BC, Carthaginian warlord Hannibal took his army and elephants across the Alps – a mission that would be totally impossible today.
  • In 50BC Julius Caesar conquered Gaul and was had to build a bridge across the Rhine River to mount an attack – 500 years later the Vandal armies strolled across the frozen Rhine to wage war on Rome as it began to crumble.
  • During the Roman warming period after around 100BC, wine grapes were grown in northern England, where it’s now far too cold to grow them.
  • In 829AD and 1010AD, the Nile River froze. Read Lamb’s 1977 work titled “Climate: Present, Past and Future: Climatic History and the Future Vol 2” for further information.
  • In 536AD volcanos filled the atmosphere with white sulphur compounds and dust which reflected heat, resulting in a cooling and famine and war. A paper published by the American Geophysical Union says the “volcanic winter of 536 was the most severe and protracted episode of climatic cooling in the Northern Hemisphere in the last 2,000 years”
  • The warmer climate in the Medieval Warming Period from 900 to 1300AD allowed the Vikings to colonise Greenland in 985AD. In fact, they raised cattle and sheep, grew barley and wheat in Greenland which is now covered by snow and ice.
  • In January 1889 thirteen men drove a wagon carrying a ton of coal on the frozen Thames from Loughborough, Leicestershire and delivered it to the Prince of Wales at Carlton House.
  • In February 1789, fires roasted oxen, sheep and pigs on the Thames. While in 1536, King Henry VIII travelled from central London to Greenwich along the frozen river by sleigh.
  • After volcanoes erupted in Indonesia and the Philippines in 1814-15, 1816 was known as the “year without a summer”, which resulted in major food shortages across the northern hemisphere.
  • New York Harbour froze solid in 1780, allowing people to walk from Manhattan to Staten Island. This was also possible in 1821.
  • Going back even further, glacier growth reduced sea levels by about 130 meters 16,000 years ago.
  • Further back, the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere was ten times higher than now during the Cambrian period about 500 million years ago. In the last two million years during the Quaternary glaciation, the concentration of CO2 was over two times lower than it is now

We want answers, Tim Flannery!