Lidia Thorpe: the loopiest pollie in Australian history

ADVANCE is all about engaging with politicians. We bloody love them!

That’s why we’re rolling out billboards across the country targeting green activist David Pocock, trans zealot Zali Steggall, and Labor’s cushy relationship with the Chinese Communist Party. 

However, there’s one more in our sights… and her name is Lidia Thorpe. 

Never have Australia’s halls of parliament hosted a wom*n like Lidia.

Lidia reckons all white people have “privilege”. 

She thinks Australia was “invaded” by the British. 

She wants the state of Victoria to be renamed because it is named after Queen Victoria, who was apparently a vicious, murderous colonialist. 

She is demanding white people pay reparations to Aboriginal people. 

She even applauded the burning of Old Parliament House by a bunch of idiot activists earlier this year. 

And now she’s spelling the word “black” as “blak”. 

Why? Poor education? Typo? Trying to be cool and hip? Who bloody knows? 

That’s why we’re asking her directly…and we’re doing it with her blessing. 

In a post on her Facebook, Lidia says we can “join her on a walk around her old neighbourhood in Collingwood” on a “blak on track walk”. 

“Ask me anything”, she says in the post. 

Okay, Lidia! We will! Thanks for the invite! 

Below is a comprehensive list of questions. We’re looking forward to your prompt response.

  1. Why did you applaud the CRIMINALS who set fire to Old Parliament House earlier this year? Don’t you realise that it was in Old Parliament House where Aboriginals were granted full voting rights, included in the census and first represented by an Aboriginal parliamentarian, Neville Bonner? When was the last time you opened a history book, Lidia? 


  1. Why do you REFUSE to acknowledge the positive initiatives Australia has pursued to help Aboriginals? Per capita expenditure on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people is double the per capita expenditure on non-Indigenous Australians. Hundreds of Aboriginals communities have been granted total ownership of vast swathes of land in recognition of their occupation before settlement. Affirmative action policies and quotas give Aboriginal people opportunities most Australians could only dream of. At our schools and even universities, Aboriginal history and culture is taught in almost every subject ranging from history to science to geography. Our national anthem has been changed to ensure Aboriginal people feel included in modern Australia. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags fly at every event alongside the Australian flag. And welcome to country ceremonies are now the norm whether it’s before the board meeting of a publicly listed company or a cricket match. Where is your gratitude?


  1. Why do you SHY AWAY from the real issues Aboriginal people face? Where is your condemnation of Aboriginal men for allowing Aboriginal women to experience sexual assault at six times the rate of non-Indigenous women? Where is your activism when it comes to the fact that Indigenous women are 45 times more likely to experience domestic violence than a white woman? Where are your cries about the Indigenous unemployment rates being three times the non-Indigenous rate? Why do you only care about issues of symbolism and demonising Australian history? Could it be that you only care about dividing Australians, instead of improving the quality of life for your Aboriginal brothers and sisters? 


  1. Why do you think only Aboriginals should get reparations for historical injustices? How about the British peasants who were sent to this far-flung land against their will for stealing a loaf of bread to feed their starving family? How about the young conscript who was forced to give his life to fight over dirt hills in Turkey? And how about the descendants of the million or more white European Christians who were enslaved by North African Muslims between 1530 and 1780? 


  1. Finally, have you ever considered Birdsell’s trihybrid thesis on Aboriginal migration to Australia? Birdsell – one of the best anthropologists ever to come out of Harvard – concluded that there were multiple waves of Aboriginal migration to Australia and each wave of migration “violently dispossessed the other”. He also noted that Makassan trepang fisherman often frequented the Gulf of Carpentaria and took resources back to Indonesia and likely spread smallpox in the Top End before the Dutch or British. Do these historical events count as invasion? Or are you only interested in painting the white man as the sole coloniser and dispossessor in history? 


Thanks again Lidia, 

ADVANCE and our 200,000+ supporters.