Oi Aussie sports stars: SHUT UP about woke politics…focus on WINNING

Every day we hear the woke-left whinge and whine about “white privilege”.

But they never seem to care about “sports star” privilege.

Think about it…

This week, Australia’s top netball players spat the dummy over Netball Australia’s decision to take a kind donation from “climate denier” and iron ore miner Gina Rinehart after the organisation revealed it faces $11 million in debt and losses.

Greens Senator Loopy Lidia Thorpe was ecstatic.

Yesterday, she celebrated the Diamond’s decision to boycott their new uniform bearing the logo of Gina Rinehart’s iron ore mining company, Hancock Prospecting, on it.

Here’s some free advice for the wom*n of Netball Australia on behalf of ADVANCE and our hundreds of thousands of supporters::

  1. If you don’t like Gina Rinehart and her generous support, how about playing for free until Simon Holmes a Court, Twiggy Forrest or Mike Cannon Brookes decide to throw some money at you? Good luck with that!
  2. If you don’t like Gina Rinehart, how about you stop playing inside beautiful stadiums that are made out of steel – which relies on the mining of iron ore that Gina Rinehart and her family pioneered in this country to great success.
  3. If you don’t like Gina Rinehart, how about you donate some of your salaries to provide jobs for Indigenous Australians? As Ross Cameron wrote last week: “iron ore mining employs more Indigenous people than any other industry”.

But it isn’t just Netball Australia that has gone woke.

As reported this morning, the captain of Australia’s cricket team, Pat Cummins, has joined the woke sports bandwagon.

Cummins has taken issue with Alinta Energy’s sponsorship of his cricket team because they don’t align with his values on climate change.

Note: Alinta energy is an Aussie energy and gas distributor that keeps the lights on right across the country. Ironically, Alinta also operates several gas peaker plants that are specifically designed to keep the lights on when the country’s wind and solar panels stop working during a windless night and/or cloudy day.

Cummins said, “I think the most obvious, front-of-mind thing you can see is who we partner with. So I hope that when we think of who we want to align with, who we want to invite into being part of cricket, I hope climate is a real priority.”

Here’s some free advice for Cummins on behalf of ADVANCE and our hundreds of thousands of supporters:

  1. You earn $1.8 million a year, mate. Next year, power prices are set to go up by at least 35 per cent thanks to green energy mandates. Newsflash Pat: millions of Australians can’t afford this on their humble incomes. So how about you shut up, butt out of energy policy, and entertain hard-working Australians by winning cricket matches?
  2. You drive a Land Rover, Pat  – one of the most carbon-polluting SUVs you can buy. How about you get rid of that and drive around in an electric vehicle that’s charged fully by solar and wind? Good luck charging it overnight, Patty! It will be taking in energy from our coal plants…
  3. Pat, you fly first class on Airbus jumbos – how about next time you take a sailing boat to play the West Indies in the Caribbean like Greta Thunberg?
  4. Think about your Indian competitors, Pat! Aussie coal and gas are used by Indians to cook their food so their kids don’t have to inhale toxic fumes. Aussie coal and gas are used by Indian families to keep the lights on at night so their kids can do their homework. Ever thought of them, mate?
  5. Pat, you’ve been photographed promoting Longi solar panels that are made in coal-power factories and use polysilicon produced by Ughur slaves. Don’t you care about Ughur human rights, Pat?
  6. If you’re so concerned about Alinta’s sponsorship how about you donate some of your salary to Cricket Australia?

Or how about you just shut up and win some matches?

We look forward to your response.

Kind regards,