Top CEOs upset Dutton has belted their woke virtue-signalling

Corporate Australia is ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC, and freshly minted opposition leader Peter Dutton has proven so in a most spectacular fashion.

As ADVANCE reported the other day, Dutton accurately took aim at “traditional big business” because it has become “closer to the other parties” after adopting progressive policies on climate change and gender, while refusing to “advocate for changes around industrial relations or wages policy”.

Dutton said, “we are a poor country for that” and the “big business” CEOs appear “scared to step up because they are worried of an onslaught by Twitter”.

The reaction from “traditional big business”?

A pathetic whinge, of course.

NAB’s CEO, Ross McEwan, said he was “a wee bit surprised” at Dutton’s comments. “We’ve had, I think, a very good relationship with Josh Frydenberg, who was open [to] taking a telephone call at any time of the day or night and, if he wasn’t available, he’d always ring you back. I’m not sure where that commentary came from. From my perspective, we’re open to talking to anybody and we will participate with any government, as we’ve shown in the past,” McEwan said.

CEO of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Andrew McKellar, said, “of course, business supports an active agenda for reform, including changes to taxation, skills and industrial relations policy, in addition to sustainability, digitalisation and other means to boost productivity.”

While business editor at The West Australian newspaper, Sarah Jane-Tasker, scorned Dutton for not realising that “in 2022, it is ridiculous to whinge about companies with policies on issues such as climate change and gender equality.”

What a joke!

It is in no way ridiculous to complain about companies championing climate change and gender equality initiatives, when those same initiatives make our country weaker and more vulnerable.

It’s MORE THAN FAIR to blame corporate Australia for the energy crisis that gripped the east coast of Australia over the last few weeks. Afterall, the big banks REFUSE to finance new coal mines, coal-fired power plants, gas plants and oil exploration operations.

The big insurance companies REFUSE to insure mines and even construction contractors working on such projects. Their buddies in the mainstream media cheer them on for BANKROLLING the importation of Chinese-made wind turbines and solar panels that increase energy prices, destabilise the grid, take up vast swathes of land, and require taxpayer subsidies to turn a profit.

It’s also MORE THAN FAIR to take issue with corporate Australia’s woke “gender equality” policies. Gender quotas for company boards benefit a VERY small segment of Australia’s female population who are usually elitist, well connected, highly educated and from a privileged background.

Gender quotas only seem to rear their ugly head in the most prestigious industries, whether it be banking, law or business. Have you ever heard of gender quotas for bricklayers, sewer cleaners, coal miners or plumbers?

Gender quotas are a FRINGE social issue that detract from corporate Australia’s time to address REAL issues like substance abuse, homelessness, depression and the tendency of many young men these days to check out of society and give up on life.

Woke rubbish at corporate Australia doesn’t stop at feminism.

If you walk into any office block of almost any major company in this country, you’ll see three flags – the Australian flag, Aboriginal flag, and Torres Strait Islander flag - the Aboriginal flag tends to be in the middle.

During board meetings, “welcome to country” ceremonies are given, and now many employees and bosses even have a statement at the bottom of their emails saying, “we live on Aboriginal land that was never ceded but invaded”.

Meanwhile there’s over ONE HUNDRED Aboriginal communities that rely on groundwater supplies contaminated with uranium and arsenic – resulting in inflated rates of chronic kidney disease and diabetes…but apparently corporate Australia doesn’t care.

Unfortunately, it appears they’re too busy virtue-signalling and patting each other on the back for wearing rainbow LGBTQ+ pins on their “sustainably sourced” coat made from Saudi Arabian petrochemicals…