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Crops are burning

‘Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times’ said former US Marine and bodyguard to the Saudi Royal family, G. Michael Hopf.

Dan Andrews desecrates ground dedicated to our fallen

Australia is a free country. 

‘Made in Australia’ our future focus says Scomo

Our Prime Minister Scott Morrison is wisely grasping this pandemic moment to seize the opportunity to make Australia make things again.

What we now know about lockdowns: they don’t work

According to a new report released by the Institute of Public Affairs, ‘the best available domestic and international evidence suggests that lockdowns don’t work.’

Greens call for the abolition of gas

Hot on the heels of Prime Minister Scott Morrison announcing that Australia is going troppo on gas, Greens leader Adam Bandt has ‘helpfully’ illustrated why he thinks this is genuinely a bad idea f...

How pagan tree-hugging makes our bushfires worse

As renowned conservative philosopher Edmund Burke said as far back as the mid-eighteenth century: ‘Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.’

Hastie floats National Service scheme

With ASIO asserting that foreign interference activities in Australia are now occurring at a far higher rate than during the Cold War, it is time Australians “ask what you can do for your country” ...

Home air conditioners could send the grid into meltdown

Experts are warning ‘air conditioners could send Australia’s power grid into meltdown this summer, as roughly one third of the workforce do their jobs from home.’

Dictator Dan’s terrifying totalitarian omnibus bill

If you already thought Victorian Premier Dan Andrews had already achieved official dictator status, now he has really put pedal to the metal.