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Labor/Greens erase Australia Day

Last week our Australia Day was under attack like never before.

The Greens insult our firies

Thought you’d seen the full extent of The Greens’ muppet show on Tuesday when Senator Steele-John branded major party politicians arsonists over climate policy?

ABC goes full feral

If only speech were free in the case of our ABC.

Dam is it finally happening?

Politics 101:  “The less you intend to do about something, the more you’ve got to talk about it.”

Will the real ScoMo please stand up?

Last Wednesday our PM gifted $1 billion taxpayer dollars to the utterly useless Labor-created Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC).

Labor says it’s learned from election loss, changes nothing

The “we’re ready” portrait of King Bill Shorten and his court had been snapped.

Why climate alarmism is a Micky Mouse idea

We always knew climate alarmism was more hocus pocus than science.

Labor MP says party should stop treating us as “sub-human” and “stupid”

Senior Labor frontbencher Clare O’Neil wants to win back mainstream Australians.

Chancellor lays smack down re free speech

Like a breath of fresh air, in-coming Chancellor of Sydney’s Macquarie University Martin Parkinson has laid the smack down on politically correct elites.