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“Indefensible” Australian anthem rewritten

Recognition in Anthem Project (read “left-wing organisation”) has taken the liberty of rewriting our national anthem for us.

“it’s not food, it’s violence”

You can’t make this stuff up.

Chuck a sickie, wag school – it’s “For our future”

Today, in 60 locations across Australia, tens of thousands of believers will pour out their climate change induced wrath in our streets.

The Conversation shuts down… Conversation.

Taxpayer funded self-described “independent source of news and views” The Conversation has banned free speech.

Safe-Schools Creator Found at Socialism Conference

A key creator of the Safe-Schools program Roz Ward was a speaker at the recent Socialism Conference held in late August in Sydney.

Post Election Members' Survey Results

The results are IN! Here's what you voted for...

You helped make this a miracle election

The recent federal election has been hailed as a ‘miracle’, and for good reason. The stakes couldn’t have been higher. We were on the brink of seeing a nationwide green-light for the radical left-w...

Speak up now to ‘Save Free Speech’

Sign our online petition today to protect your freedom Free speech – a vital element of our democracy – is facing extinction. Most people would agree that having the freedom to speak your mind is s...

Mythbusting-School & Hospital Funding

Labor and the Unions have been making all sorts of claims about hospital and schools funding. They want Australians to believe that funding has been ripped out of the health and education systems, ...