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Farage smashes globalist socialist agenda

If beleaguered mainstream Australians ever feel there’s little hope against our PC overlords, they should watch Nigel Farage’s goodbye speech to the European Union Parliament.

Queensland Uni bans Generation Liberty, allows Socialist Alternative

Queensland University of Technology (QUT) has provided us with the latest example of the left using power and money to silence dissenting opinions.

ScoMo pushes back on climate bullies

Staring down bushfire-driven, lefty climate hysteria mega rage, Prime Minister Scott Morrison today dumped a tankerload of retardant.

XR founder calls for “Bullet in the head” of climate change causers

Despite the fact he too exhales CO2, XR founder Roger Hallam has compared people who cause climate change with Nazis.

“Invasion Day” marchers told to pay “rent in arrears” for living on “stolen land”

Indigenous Aussie Jacinta Price said it best when she said “emotional blackmail needs to end” over Australia Day.

Why this Australia Day is extra special

As the bushfires slowly subside, what a blessed thing it is to have Australia Day this Saturday.

Using summer to implement socialism

As climate alarmists continue to leverage bushfire infernos to demand “climate action”, Queensland’s Senator Matt Canavan is calling out their real agenda.

Woke left insist “Happy holidays” replace “Christmas”

What’s in a name?  Ask the PC thought police.

Climate alarmists incensed over PM’s holiday

The idea that the PM can’t get away for a few days with Jen and the girls before Christmas because he needs to be here showing “moral leadership” on “climate change” is ridiculous.