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ScoMo waterbombs climate bedwetters

Emboldened by Malcom Turnbull’s impassioned pleas on ABC’s Q&A last Monday, leftie Liberals came out of the woodwork during the week to blame the bushfires on climate change.

Council observes Australia Day with “mourning ceremony"

Last week Victoria’s Whittlesea Council voted to observe Australia Day by guilting mainstream Aussies for being Aboriginal killers, land thieves and child stealers.

TIME names Thunberg “2019 Person of the Year”

Time Magazine has named 16 year-old climate cult guru Greta Thunberg its 2019 Person of the Year.

Indigenous players boycott Australian anthem

Nothing works to divide us like identity politics…  The ultimate weapon of the left. 

UN delegate to Oz: “Each lump of coal is a nail in our coffins”

The latest United Nation’s climate hysteria anxiety fest is underway in Spain and already Australians have been dubbed genocidal killers.

ABC: selective journalism at its finest

The ABC has become synonymous with “fake news” to the extent that The Australian is reporting on how the ABC…  Isn’t reporting.  

Greens seat whites at the back to fix “racism”

Newsflash: The Greens have admitted there’s racism in their very own environmental movement...  And they’re determined to root it out. 

New arrivals to “adopt Australian values, learn English, obtain work”

If ever there was a slap-down of the radical left’s agenda for Australia, it was this week’s startling revelation from the boffins whose job it is to keep us safe.

Oz’s education system plummets in global rankings

Australia’s education system just got a big fat F in the latest global rankings.