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ScoMo caves to XR, adopts Labor policy

As Extinction Rebellion activists were hospitalising our police officers outside Melbourne’s mining industry conference on Tuesday, Prime Minister Scott Morrison called a media conference… 

Day three: XR versus our boys in blue

It’s day three of Extinction Rebellion delivering on their plot, cooked up in a taxpayer-funded facility, to exact Melbourne’s International Mining and Resources Conference’s (IMARC) demise.

ScoMo gags eco-slayer Craig Kelly MP

In a parliament desperate to pander to the climate commies, Craig Kelly MP stampedes where angels fear to tread.

Greens MP champions Extinction Rebellion

Remember when Parliament’s role in civil society was to restrain – not unleash – anarchy?

Cannibalism to cool the planet

Climate warriors want us to go vegan – with the exception of human meat.

NSW Game Fishing Association bans catch photos

Thanks to kill-joy self-righteous leftie trolls, the New South Wales Game Fishing Association has issued a new social media policy.

Trad-Palaszczuk government plots QLD's cripplement

Black gold.

Rogue climate scientists drop truth bombs

Much to the anguish of their colleagues, some climate experts are declaring the world is not ending, climate change does not cause drought and our Great Barrier Reef is jolly fine.

UN appoints rights abuser to Human Rights Council

Turns out jailing, torturing and murdering innocent people doesn’t rule you out from a seat on the world’s peak human rights watch group.