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Spreading Marxism in Oz: “A world to win”

Sick of being oppressed by the imagined evils of capitalism and free markets, Marxists are working to tear apart the structure of society and start over… 

Medivac used to bring 180 illegals to Australia

Unless the Medivac Bill is passed before Christmas – that is, this week – “it is unlikely that there will be many if any people left on Manus and Nauru come the new-year at the rate of medical tran...

526 die-hards hunger strike for climate action

On November 18, a group of 526 XR die-hards from 28 countries kicked-off a hunger strike.

Extinction Rebellion threaten to blockade Canberra airport

Extinction Rebellion have issued a blanket threat to our federal MPs:  begin to “shut down the fossil fuel industry” in these last two sitting weeks of parliament…  Or they don’t get to go home.

Minister: power prices up, lights out

In resource-rich Australia, you’d think our Energy Minister’s job would be one of the easiest gigs in government.

Animal activists terrorising farmers stripped of charity status

Farming families doing it tough in the face of drought and fire have one less thing to worry about.

China bans Liberal MPs for criticising authoritarian regime

Forget Captain America – we’ve got Captain Australia in Andrew Hastie MP.

Labor/Greens erase Australia Day

Last week our Australia Day was under attack like never before.

The Greens insult our firies

Thought you’d seen the full extent of The Greens’ muppet show on Tuesday when Senator Steele-John branded major party politicians arsonists over climate policy?