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Cannibalism to cool the planet

Climate warriors want us to go vegan – with the exception of human meat.

NSW Game Fishing Association bans catch photos

Thanks to kill-joy self-righteous leftie trolls, the New South Wales Game Fishing Association has issued a new social media policy.

Trad-Palaszczuk government plots QLD's cripplement

Black gold.

Rogue climate scientists drop truth bombs

Much to the anguish of their colleagues, some climate experts are declaring the world is not ending, climate change does not cause drought and our Great Barrier Reef is jolly fine.

UN appoints rights abuser to Human Rights Council

Turns out jailing, torturing and murdering innocent people doesn’t rule you out from a seat on the world’s peak human rights watch group.

XR members paid AUD$745 per week

In a rare act of mainstream media investigative journalism, leaked XR documents have been uncovered which reveal living expenses of £400 per week are being paid to some London Extinction Rebellion ...

Labor’s “climate emergency” smacked down

In case you missed it, on Tuesday the Labor/Greens alliance tried to have the Parliament declare a “climate emergency”.

Victoria surrenders to Extinction Rebellion

Last Friday Victoria Police suggested Melbourne CBD workers knock off work early to clear out for Extinction Rebellion riots.

"Modern" Liberals join Parliamentary Climate Action Group

A cluster of “moderate” Liberals have jumped into bed with the Greens’ Adam Bandt, Get-Up!’s Zali Steggall and other leftists…  To change the climate.