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UN runs out of other people’s money

A leaked letter addressed to UN staff has revealed that the 193-member world body is running a whopping $341 million deficit.

Fear of Green-Left = no dam in 15 years

We Aussies have been taken for a ride by the green-left and their stranglehold on politics.

QLD government set to plunge state into darkness

Forget climate emergency – Australia has an electricity emergency.

Sea World under fire for… Being Sea World

First they invade family farms, now they want to stop families from enjoying a day at Queensland’s iconic 50 year old fun park:  Sea World.

Turnbull blames power prices on lack of climate commie Libs

While the Extinction Rebellion wreaks mass havoc in our streets, former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has doused the climate commies' cause in petrol.

Australia’s ‘Extinction Rebellion’ is here

Diehard climate activist group Extinction Rebellion is known world-wide for shutting down city centres.

Gillard rebukes Australian government for favouring Aussies

Former Labor Australian prime minister Julia Gillard has dissed Australia’s foreign aid.

Communist flag of China raised above Australian police station

Chinese communist dictator Xi Jinping’s hero, Russian butcher Vladimir Lenin, coined the phrase “useful idiots”.

“It is our job to rebel”

They call themselves “Blockade IMARC”.