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Why it’s time to SCRAP compulsory super

Think your super is saving you money in the long run?  It’s actually costing you a fortune.

Oz Foreign Affairs Minister leaves U.S. hanging

Yesterday our greatest ally made global headlines as US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declared that most of China’s territorial claims in the South China Sea are illegal.

Lefties apologise for not upholding cancel culture

Last week 150 public intellectuals – mostly lefties – signed an exemplary letter opposing their own kind’s cancel culture.

Together, we’re shining a light on foreign interference in Australia

The Chinese Communist Party has no place in our universitiesLast night we shone a light on the University of Queensland, one of several universities harbouring a CCP Confucius Institute. This is ...

Morrison opens our doors to Hong Kongese fleeing CCP oppression

If only our higher education sector could see what Prime Minister Scott Morrison sees about the Chinese Communist Party’s evil intent in our region.

FBI Director unleashes on the CCP

On Tuesday FBI Director Christopher Wray let rip on the Chinese Communist Party’s threats to U.S. economic and national security in a must-read speech.

Labor, GetUp and the ABC win the seat of Eden-Monaro

Does Labor owe Saturday’s narrow by-election victory in Eden-Monaro to GetUp? 

Trump defends the West

No world leader nails the hard left like President Trump.

We’re fixing our defence gaps, now for our electricity supply

Now that we are fixing the gaps in our military capability, it’s time to focus on our energy security.