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China: “Australia unwisely boards US leaky boat”

The witty mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party of China [CCP], The Global Times [TGT], is at it again.

How GetUp is taking advantage of indigenous Australians

Fifty bucks says you had no idea The Northern Territory’s election is on 22 August 2020.

Coal phobia threatens aluminium jobs

The next phase of the vandalization of Australia’s electricity grid and the off-shoring of jobs in the name of climate alarmism is underway in Victoria - surprise, surprise.

Campbell Newman calls for inquiry into foreign influence at UQ

Cambell Newman talks to Alan Jones on Sky NewsFormer Queensland Premier Campbell Newman this week called for an inquiry into Chinese Communist Party influence at the University of Queensland.Post...

Peter Ridd’s intellectual freedom crushed by Federal Court

In 2018 Professor Peter Ridd was sacked by James Cook University [JCU] for daring to dissent from his colleagues' findings regarding the impact of climate change on the Great Barrier Reef.

International Energy Agency to Oz: ‘close down coal-fired stations’

Coal accounts for nearly 70% of power in Australia’s national electricity market, but the International Energy Agency [IEA] want them shutdown yesterday.

MPs wake up to Labor’s political suicide, revolt

When asked if Labor could win the next election with an aggressive climate change policy, Labor’s resources spokesman Joel Fitzgibbon said: “We’ve had a few cracks at it and it hasn’t turned out al...

Vic Opposition Leader pledges to break BRI deal with CCP

Michael O’Brien is hardly a household name in Australia.

Muslim lives don’t matter to CCP and BLM Marxists

What will it take for Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews and so many of our leading universities to give up their special relationship with the Chinese Communist Party?