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MPs defy law, attend BLM rallies

Four Labor MPs and senators left Parliament yesterday to be tested for Wuhan virus: Graham Perrett, Anika Wells, Warren Snowdon and Malarndirri McCarthy.

Press Council rules Bolt “offended” Greta

The Australian Press Council (APC) has ruled that political commentator Andrew Bolt is in breach of its standards practice…  For saying of Greta Thunberg what she said of herself.

#blacklivesmatter: lies of the left

Far more Aboriginals are killed by other Aboriginals than die in custody.

ABC: apologist for Antifa’s burning of America

The lefty mainstream media is a cancer on our culture.

The nuclear option

Nuclear power is the only proven generation technology offering solutions on all three fronts of the energy trilemma: security and reliability, affordability, and environmental sustainability for A...

Palaszczuk’s $2 billion two finger salute

Daniel Andrews isn’t Australia’s only power drunk rogue premier.

PLA trains for war, ADF trains for “gender sensitivity”

In the same week America let us know they’d lose to China in a Pacific war, our confidence in our home forces was shot to pieces upon reading Tuesday’s headline: Uni course to teach ADF personnel h...

America: ‘We’d lose Pacific war with China’

There’s a reason why the President of the United States of America is known as ‘the leader of the free world’.

“Get out of Paris” says Senator

Now more than ever, Australia must get out of the United Nation’s useless Paris Agreement so we can generate cheap, reliable 24/7 power to fire-up our manufacturing capabilities.